Moinhos da Corga in Montalegre

Along a hillside, four water mills were the only pre-existing structures. So as not to interfere with these constructions, it was decided to design a path at a higher elevation,

Pine Cottage in Zambujeira do Mar

This charming country and beach house was built by Rusticasa® in Zambujeira do Mar, Odemira.

House in Cadaval

This 139m² house, designed by the architect Miguel Viseu Coelho, was built by Rusticasa® in Cadaval, near the Serra de Montejunto, in the district of Lisbon.

Casa in Vila Nova de Gaia

Another Rusticasa® country house with a constructed area of 176m², to which outbuildings have been added in the garden.

Extension in Viana do Castelo

In 2009, Rusticasa® was called to carry out an ultra-modern enlargement of one of its houses built 20 years before. To the original 130m² house, a 145m² annex was added.

House in Sta. Maria da Feira

A house of tropical inspiration with 204m², realized by Rusticasa® in Santa Maria da Feira.

Porticoed House in Vila Nova de Gaia

Townhouse in wood with Post&Beam system, built by Rusticasa® in Vila Nova de Gaia.

House on the Pontevedra estuary

Rusticasa® house built in 1995, next to the famous Panxón beach in Galicia.

House in Valdozende

More than a house, this Rusticasa® is a true natural refuge in the middle of Gerês. With a built area of 108m², to which we have to add several annexes