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Certification and Awards


Post & Beam Coral

Floor area: 77 m2
Porch: 42 m2
Total area: 119 m2
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Floor area: 192,95 m2
Porch: 95,43 m2
Total area: 288,38 m2
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Post & Beam Horizonte

Downstairs: 49,84m2
Upstairs: 26,30 m2
Mezzanine: 23,54 m2
Total area: 76,14 m2
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Post & Beam Terra

Floor area: 134,14 m2
Porch: 25,88 m2
Total area: 160,02 m2
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Post & Beam Flor

Floor area: 133,24 m2
Pergolas: 24,84 m2
Total area: 158,08 m2
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Rusticasa 962

G.I.Arquitectos Project

Total area: 370 m2
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Paços Ferreira

Downstairs: 91,12 m2
Upstairs: 98,76 m2
Porches: 33 m2
Balcony: 25,50 m2
Total area: 248,38 m2
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Vila do Conde

Downstairs: 107,49 m2
Upstairs: 76,07 m2
Mezzanine: 31,42 m2
Total area: 183,56 m2
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O Rosal

Floor area: 104,60 m2
Porches: 8,13 m2
Total area: 113,08 m2
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 4+ Arquitectos Project
Downstairs: 120,29 m2
Upstairs: 71,06 m2
Porch: 18,82 m2
Total area: 210,91 m2
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Floor area: 157,77 m2
Porch: 10,50 m2
Total area: 168,27 m2
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Floor area: 215,73 m2
Porches: 44,43 m2
Total area: 260,16 m2
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Floor area: 39,61 m2
Total area: 39,61 m2
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Own project
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Post & Beam Coral Évora Post & Beam Horizonte Post & Beam Terra Post & Beam Flor Rusticasa 962 Paços Ferreira Vila do Conde O Rosal Galamares Moncorvo Alcácer Caminha Trimouille


Type of wood: Cedar

Wall Thickness: 4cm

Total Area: 6,73 m2  



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