In 1961, a poem resonated in the hearts of people. “The Earth is blue”, revealed the Russian astronaut. What an emotion to know the colour with which, on a distant horizon, our beautiful Planet shone, full of landscapes and magnificent living beings, of so many crystalline running waters. Oh, blessed Nature, and her infinite generosity. How privileged we are. Let’s enjoy, enjoy, and take care, let’s take care, grateful, of our greatest treasure. In small daily gestures, in the great decisions of our lives, it is easy, it is good to be the change in the world, the impulse of a better, healthy, fair and responsible future. Awakening proud, remade, look at each gift of the Earth with redoubled emotion, breathe all the smells with a new pleasure, and yes, now yes, feel the true meaning of harmony, in us and around us. To be, in a natural and perennial way, the voice of ecology. Honouring and preserving the balance of the ecosystem to which we belong, and which is part of us.

At Rusticasa, we work and live every day with hope in the generations of the present and the future. Every Eco project that we implement, is a party. We offer our customers the health of the Earth. We know how important the environmental impact of the construction of a house is for them, the exclusion of polluting materials, the responsible use of natural resources. We share that same adoration for the trees. We only use certified wood, that is, from sustainably managed forests. We have already verified it. It is worth it. For us and for those to come.

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The Eco range is composed of Nordic wild pine boards, 7cm thick, and double-glazed windows. Constructed on the basis of cement or wood stakes which makes it ‘greener’, economical and quick to assemble. The plank floor is solid, 22cm thick, and the finish is matt varnish. In the natural tone of wood or painted in the colour you like most, in addition to our models, you can design the solution you prefer – an eco-house to your measure.

Eco Brochure

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