For as many years as may pass, no adult forgets their childhood. We search our memory, et voilà, we are little again! Feeling what made us really excited. That joke, a superhero, the endless enthusiasm of recreating stories and scenarios of our favourite movies and books. Marveling at the fantastical worlds in which we were good, bad, villains, vigilantes and saviours, and lived our stories with heart and soul. At RUSTICASA®, of course, we have been children, and we are still children at heart. We know how life accelerates and distances us from this light and relaxed existence of the past, going back to childhood is a healthy exercise that restores our spirits. Therefore, in addition to solid, beautiful, comfortable and environmentally friendly houses, we work to encourage the joy and childish wonder in people.

Thus the TeePee was born. To enrich your universe with experiences and outdoor adventures. To promote contact with the earth, the water, the sky and the stars. To praise plants and animals. To learn and to discover their senses, gifts and fabulous riches. Inspired by the wisdom of the ancient tribes, some still inhabiting certain regions of the planet, we set to work to create a durable, lightweight and waterproof structure, without neglecting comfort. We found the ideal wood – cedar -, which as well as the pleasant effect of its light tone, is aromatic and guarantees the right thermal behaviour that any circumstance demands. Creating it is our pleasure.


TeePee stimulates the imagination. No need to wait for the next vacation. It can be placed in the garden, in the backyard, in the space where you want to spend hours of fun or time to relax. Camping on your own, built for the kids and teens, or even to organize a meet-up, with best friends or the extended family. You can offer it to anyone you like. But now imagine an idyllic scenery, a river, a lake, and the TeePee floating in calm waters … irresistible.

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