It is impossible to stop smiling. To its charm, surprise, tenderness – everyone surrenders. Then, the desire comes. To have and to enjoy it, day after day, to know the nights, the dawns, the late afternoon. To savour the family meals. To rest, live, play, host friends, enjoy solitude or work in peace. A life that feels, hears, smells nature and makes it a constant companion. All of your essential, efficient, comfortable; the design and the perfect light to create the colours you want, the scenario that you like the most, the most exotic concept and the most inconceivable purpose. In the small lodge is a world, a world that is just yours, compact or open, it adapts to any idea and to all places, in the most varied climates.

In the mountains, in the countryside, on the seashore or even in an urban environment, according to the need or the soul of each one, we carry and build the lodge you have always dreamed of. But, of course, as privileged as we are by the experience of decades in the business, first, we will tell you all the secrets of the wooden house and the quality and benefits that it brings back into life. Our passion for the trees and our intimate relationship with its raw material grows as science unveils the beauty, uniqueness, and diversity of the great mother nature. Yes, it is a true love story.


The structure of the Lodge is versatile. It was designed to allow different uses. In addition to a graceful cabin, it can be a very useful annex to the garden or any outside space. It perfectly applies to garage, storage, various depot or simple warehouse for materials and other objects. As a work studio, small workshop, large test kitchen for gastronomic experiments or a playhouse for toys or dolls, always works a charm.

Lodge Brochure
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