New European Technical Assessment for the TFS system

The constructive system TFS (Timber-Frame System) from RUSTICASA has just obtained the European Technical Assessment ETA 22/0889. Issued in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011, based on EAD 340308-00-0203 –

Ying Yang Monte da Lua’s new Yoga space

Ying Yang Monte da Lua‘s Country House, integrated in an 8,5 hectare property near Comporta and Grândola, populated by umbrella pines and cork oaks and with an understorey full of

Rusticasa receives Prestige Diploma.

Marking the passage of the Hundredth Thirtieth Anniversary (1892-2022) of the Construction and Public Works Industrialists Association, AICCOPN awarded RUSTICASA with the Prestige Diploma for its 30 years of membership.

Rusticasa distinguished with PME Líder status.

The PME Líder status is a reputation label created by IAPMEI in 2008, under the FINCRESCE Program, to distinguish the merit of the national SMEs with superior performances, giving them


Mimicry: Particularity of species which, because of its shape and/or colour, can be mistaken for the environment or for individuals of another species. Often assimilated to this other definition. Camouflage:

When stone meets wood

High above a pleasant valley that opens onto the protected landscape of Corno do Bico (Paredes de Coura), we find this recently restored rustic stone house. The originality of this

Dreams rule life

In issue nº 187 of the Casas de Portugal magazine, we find an extensive photo reportage of a Rusticasa built several decades ago. Set on an Alentejo estate, on the

Certification of Regularity of ITS™ System Performance

On May 19, SGS, a company notified by the European Union for the certification of its standards, granted the Certificate of Regularity of Performance for the ITS™ (Insulated Timber System)

The perfect hideaway

Coinciding with the publication of an article on Quinta da Lamosa in this week’s Evasões magazine, where the spotlight is given to the Espigueiros set up for eco-tourism in this

AIT-Award 2020: Publication of award winners

AIT-Award 2020 | Best in Interior and Architecture combines interior design and international architecture in a single award. The award is given to outstanding building and interior design projects that