Certificates are an easy and trustworthy tool that reasures clients and other interested parties that an organization is committed to the efficiency and transparency of proceedings, product and system safety and environmental concern, as well as seeking constant improvement.

Certificação ISO 9001

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Certificação ISO 14001

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ETA 18/0984

ETA 18/0984
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Over the years, RUSTICASA® has been rewardeded several national and international awards and recognitions that value its work as a company with superior performance, for its entrepreneurial vision, its export capacity and the quality of its projects.

Premios ENOR 2020

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AIT-Award 2020

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PNAM ’19

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Research and Technological Development (R&TD) and technological demonstration projects are a constant in the process of training and reinforcement of internal competences in the technological area, that aim at the improvement and the valorisation of the products. In this section, we have the reports and results of the assessments and laboratory tests carried out by accredited institutions.

European Technical Assessment EOTA/ITeCons

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Acústica de Edifícios – ITeCons

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SERIES Timber Buildings – S.F.P.

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VIII Premios de Arquitectura Enor

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Catálogo PNAM’19

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EU Prize for Contemp. Arch. 2019

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ArchiNews Nº 46

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ARQ. 3 | CASA REPORT - Casa do Rio Hotel, Menos é Mais - Arquitectos
RTP 3 - Fevereiro 2016
Casas de madeira cada vez mais procuradas
Alto Minho TV - Março 2016
Casas de madeira - Edificios altamente resistentes a sismos
RTP 1 - Março 2014

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