House in Ermenonville

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  1. November 15, 2018, 2:11 pm

    Thank you for leaving your comments and queries here. For pricing information and requests for special projects, please contact [email protected], mentioning the type of construction desired and the location of the house to be built.

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Designed by architect Olivier Chopin, this single-family house was built in Timber Frame with French chestnut wood outside cladding.

The house consists of a concrete basement and three volumes in light-frame construction: living room/day space, parental bedroom and children's bedrooms. All in a gross area of 414m².

The work was carried out by EC-Bois, the French subsidiary of RUSTICASA®, in accordance with the specifications that recommended the use of sustainable materials that respect the environment.

Ficha Técnica


Location : Ermenonville
Year of construction : 2019
Duration of works : 26 weeks
Floor area : 414 m²



Timber frame in Nordic spruce wood, with French chestnut wood outer lining.



Ar. Olivier Chopin & EC-Bois / RUSTICASA®



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