Exhibition House

Welcome, is the first word that the visitor will find in Rusticasa. The welcome is given in this model house, decorated in a simple but welcoming way. Its construction is

Projects & Achievements

Villa Carré

Villa Carré is a complex of houses designed by the architect Charles Carré, from the C2 Architectes studio in Paris. Although with the appearance of constructions made with traditional materials, these houses of 230m²

Casa da Caniçada

Next to the dam of Caniçada, in Valdosende, you will find this luxurious house on the slopes of the river Cávado. A fully wooden RUSTICASA® construction with a gross area of 276m².

House in Arcos de Valdevez

Compact but with a large living area, this house has four bedrooms and all the amenities of a modern home. It is an adaptation of the Nau model of the