House in La Coruña

We could be in California or Canada, but this sumptuous wooden house is located in northern Galicia. Exquisitely integrated in a garden with a large expanse of well-tended lawn, the

Old Exhibition House

Welcome, is the first word that the visitor will find in Rusticasa. The welcome is given in this model house, decorated in a simple but welcoming way. Its construction is

Projects & Achievements

Rustic house in Ponte de Vagos

Rustic in all its splendour. The Rustica model is one of the most popular RUSTICASA® models. With 280m², it is larger than a house and is a real mansion. As

Casa da Caniçada

Next to the dam of Caniçada, in Valdosende, you will find this luxurious house on the slopes of the river Cávado. A fully wooden RUSTICASA® construction with a gross area of 276m².

Casa in Vila Nova de Gaia

Another Rusticasa® country house with a constructed area of 176m², to which outbuildings have been added in the garden.

House in Sta. Maria da Feira

A house of tropical inspiration with 204m², realized by Rusticasa® in Santa Maria da Feira.

House on the Pontevedra estuary

Rusticasa® house built in 1995, next to the famous Panxón beach in Galicia.

House in Valdozende

More than a house, this Rusticasa® is a true natural refuge in the middle of Gerês. With a built area of 108m², to which we have to add several annexes

House in Santo Estevão

Vast and magnificent 315m² house built by RUSTICASA® on a Ribatejo estate.