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At RUSTICASA we offer support to our customers from the initial stages of the project to the final point, when the keys are handed over, and even after that!  Our service goes from getting your building project financed, to obtaining planning permission and then laying the foundations, and, after the house has been built, we take care of its maintenance.

Planning Permission

What are the regulations for construction?

The regulations for building a RUSTICASA house are identical to those which apply to a traditional house built of stone or brick, which are: handing in architectural plans for the specific project to the county council, which issues a building permit.  Once the house is built they provide a licence; the building is then registered as a piece of real estate in the land register and it can be mortgaged like any other property.

Since it is wooden, can you avoid applying for planning permission for a RUSTICASA house?

No.  There are national and European norms that must be adhered to, so that the end consumer is guaranteed that he is living in a safe, durable and insulated building.  The fact that a company says that it fulfils the norms is not enough; the authorities that issue the licence have to verify whether the norms are effectively fulfilled.  Moreover, if it were possible to avoid licensing for wooden houses, this would encourage random construction, with the same effects as illegal construction: on any small farm it would be possible to build a house.  Since Rusticasa supports the exact opposite of this, i.e. the adherence to construction norms and the application of town planning, each RUSTICASA building project is subject to attaining the appropriate planning permission.


What is the infrastructure of a RUSTICASA home?

By infrastructure, we mean the cement base on which the wooden house is built, the containment walls, any stone facing, fireplace,  septic tank, soak-away sewage system, and drainage system to the house. 


What type of maintenance does the house need?

To ensure maximum conservation, the exterior wooden parts of the RUSTICASA home will need to be painted every three years with a special kind of varnish, which has three basic functions:

1 - Emphasising the beauty of the wood;
2 - Ensuring maximum maintenance, thus lengthening the time between renovations;
3 - Keeping the wood healthy.

In addition, this varnish is the most suitable product for exterior wood in terms of the following:

a) It contains a protective filter against UV's (the ultra violet rays of the sun)

b) It provides a finishing coat for the wood, which does not crack and also allows the wood to breathe and eliminate water vapour, which guarantees its longevity.

c) It repels water (hydrofuge).

d) It protects from  insects and fungi. Since it is quick and easy to apply, the cost of maintenance of a wooden house is lower than the maintenance costs of any stone construction.


What type of guarantee does RUSTICASA provide?

Despite the fact that current Portuguese legislation obliges construction companies to give a five-year-guarantee on their buildings, a RUSTICASA house is covered by a guarantee of ten years.  Moreover, RUSTICASA constructions are covered by civil responsibility and product insurance.